The Gerontechnologist recognizes Mentia’s contribution

The Gerontechnologist recognizes Mentia’s contribution

The Gerontechnologist has  published its 2020 Age Tech Market Map.

This is the most accurate, complete and up-to-date analysis of the sector.

We are pleased to be positioned in the Cognitive Care arena. We’re all about active participation rather than passive receiving. And the more we see people use DevaWorld, the more we are learn how they themselves hold the keys to better care.

Cognitive Care is exactly where we sit,  helping people to communicate, share stories and express the sense of self with those who support them.

The Gerontechnologist also recognizes
Dr. Mandy as one of the leading women in innovation and agetech. We are proud of this, and thank you Keren for your thoughtful and inspiring work !!

Mentia Joins Eden Alternative® as a Value Added Partner

Mentia Joins Eden Alternative® as a Value Added Partner


We’re thrilled to be aligned the Eden Alternative®, one of the world’s leading voices in the culture change movement for older adult care. The Eden Alternative’s (EA) philosophy of care touches families, care staff and educators across 19 countries. Some 115,000 people have benefited from its programs to date. More details about the value added partners program here.

We formally kick things off in April 2020 at the Moving Mountains Conference,  EA’s international gathering in Denver, Colorado.

Mentia CEO Mandy Salomon and EA Educator Evy Cugelman will take to the stage to present Digitizing Person Centered Care: Challenges and Opportunities. This talk will be a look at the evolving role of technology in dementia care.  We’ll be running demonstrations of our cognitive care tool, DevaWorld™, in the exhibition hall, too.

EA’s 10th International Conference will be the place for a rich exchange of ideas and actions from those who are writing the new aging narrative. Please contact us to arrange a meeting at the conference.


Upcoming Webinar: ‘Tooling up’ for cognitive care

Upcoming Webinar: ‘Tooling up’ for cognitive care

Hear from one of Silicon Valley’s most dynamic innovators in dementia care !

Mandy Salomon PhD, is a domain specialist in digital engagement and brain health. She is the CEO of Mentia, and creator of Deva World, a tablet-based cognitive care program used by home and residential care communities in the US and Canada.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about:

  • Cognitive care as the missing piece in non-medical support
  • How digital tools are doing the heavy lifting by opening up communication pathways and building meaningful connections
  • How to overcome challenges in going digital
  • How supporters and staff can learn new person-centered care skills by being ‘tooled up’.

Following the presentation, there will be an opportunity for Q&A.
The session will be recorded for participants to share with their teams

Time : Tuesday, June 25, 2019 1:00pm – 2:00pm PDT

To participate, please fill in this form. The webinar link will be sent to you.

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