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To make life better for people impacted by dementia and their supporters, we’ve built a place called Deva World. 
Our unique game-based program helps you meet people where they are!
Explore – Play – Learn – Together

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Combating isolation, building communication bridges, having fun, together

Deva World™ helps people impacted by dementia and other cognitive issues to express their sense of self. Care partners ‘step in’, joining their player in a person-centered world filled with favorite things. There are places to explore and activities of daily living to undertake. You can even exercise using Deva! Tapping on objects brings them to life, triggering memories and building connections.

Deva World has been scientifically developed to enhance the care partnership. Research-led, best practice strategies that have been shown to improve well-being inform everything we do. 


At last, a tablet app that supports BOTH members in the care partnership

 Care Staff report*

84%  improved skillset
78%  strengthened communication 
50% increase in client cooperation 
Players report* 
74% nominate the ‘happy’ emoji after a Deva World session

*findings from customer studies are available on request.

    Come into Deva World…

    …and make it yours

    For families

    Whether you are a family member or care partner, Deva could be the shift that you are looking for in you and your loved one’s routine.

    There is no charge to try Deva and you don’t need a credit card to get started.

    Easy to set up – fun to use – IOS or Android tablets.

    Subscription begins after your first month. Invite your care circle in; Deva is free-to-share once your subscription is in place.

    For care organizations

    Empower, engage and enable your point-of-care staff with a care companion tool that reimagines dementia care by opening up new pathways for connection and understanding. 

    A robust administration dashboard provides real-time indicators of wellbeing and actionable insights.

    Contact us to learn about our provider packages, including training, on-boarding, and tiered pricing. 

    Our community

    Grounded in science

    Deva World was built from the ground up with a residential community receiving full-time memory care, informed by dementia therapy best practices.

    The caregiver/player relationship is integrated at the design level. This joint experience is key to players’ improved mood and sense of wellbeing.

    The project was developed by Australian creative media-maker and social-scientist, Mandy Salomon PhD, who, while researching online virtual communities at Melbourne’s Swinburne University, observed that people can be more themselves in a virtual world than they can in the actual world.

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