DEVA is a new way for people with moderate to severe dementia and their caregivers to engage. Come into our world!
Deva is a dementia-friendly world for you and your loved one to explore. It's specially designed to encourage people significantly challenged by dementia to express and connect, using a touchscreen tablet.

Have fun, be well, anywhere, anytime, knowing that our best-practice dementia care app is with you.


DEVA (Pat.Pend) is designed for a player and a supporter. Play together and share the journey - or you may find that once started, players manage without assistance. Supporters will gauge how much help is needed as their players explore the Deva world. Registering allows you to customize Deva such as uploading photos and music, with more features coming.

For people
living with dementia

  • Explore a playful world
  • No computer skills required
  • Be stimulated cognitively and through touch

For at-home caregivers
(family / professional)

  • Deva takes a load off your shoulders by providing guided interactive stimuli
  • Shared engagement promotes calmness and strengthens the care partnership
  • Deva is your go-to therapeutic tool at home

For assisted living communities and acute care hospitals

  • Easily managed by visitors and volunteers
  • Great for people who are not comfortable with or are unable to join group activities
  • Resource rich at a low cost
DEVA coming soon
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‟It was fantastic, everyone was so happy - Esther, life enrichment team member”

‟Philip was chatting all the way back to his room. I have never seen him like that - Sarah, memory support staffer”

‟It's beautiful, where can I buy it - G., resident living in a memory support community”

‟Resident, who often wanders away from group activities, was able to stay focused for 20 minutes with facial expressions of joy”

‟Even non-English speaking residents were enjoying the app and were able to interact with the touch screen”

‟The visuals and sounds from the app gently guide the participant through a soothing and enriching journey”

Helping people with dementia live well in the digital era