DevaWorld helps you see the person, not their dementia

With DevaWorld™, best practice dementia care is at your fingertips Bringing dignity to your dementia care clients – and making dementia care easier and less costly for your organisation.

2020 Caregiver Friendly® Award

(Today’s Caregiver Magazine, USA)

DevaWorld - dementia therapy in the digital era

DevaWorld In Action

DevaWorld wins 2020 Caregiver Friendly® Award (Today’s Caregiver Magazine, USA)

DevaWorld is full of fun, self-
affirming activities of daily living

Playing together builds stress-free communication bridges
Improving quality of life for people with cognitive disabilities and their supporters

What Our Clients Say

The science

DevaWorld is scientifically developed and validated.

Cutting edge technology based on doctoral research provides next generation connected dementia care.

DevaWorld was codesigned with people with dementia, and delivers 15+ therapies and virtual ADLs

Care Staff

84% improved skillset
78% strengthened communication
50% increase in client cooperation


76% nominate the “happy” emoji after a DevaWorld Session

“Enjoy” is the most common descriptor used after a DevaWorld Session

Our Community

How DevaWorld uplifts the dementia experience

We stimulate a person’s higher needs of belonging, esteem and self-actualization, making everyday care easier.


Amplify Human Energy

We amplify human energy (not replace it) with technology that promotes the active participation of both members of the care dyad.


15+ Evidence-based Therapeutic Activities

15+ evidence-based therapeutic activities and person-centered strategies build confidence and agency.


Social and Environmental Interactions

Deva World is a calm and meaningful place full of social and environmental interactions for increased communication and understanding.


Real World Outcomes

Real world outcomes happen after playing DevaWorld (a priming effect): ADLs are managed better after a DevaWorld Session.

With DevaWorld, it's PERSONAL!

Each participant has a personal profile. Families help by uploading customized content.

Our White Paper

Case Study

“Supporting well-being through virtual world play”

Learn how a caregiver can build a bridge to engagement and communication for a senior with dementia

Grounded in science

Deva World was built from the ground up with a residential community receiving full-time memory care, informed by dementia therapy best practices.

The caregiver/player relationship is integrated at the design level. This joint experience is key to players’ improved mood and sense of wellbeing.

The project was developed by Australian creative media-maker and social-scientist, Mandy Salomon PhD, who, while researching online virtual communities at Melbourne’s Swinburne University, observed that people can be more themselves in a virtual world than they can in the actual world.

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