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Who would most enjoy Deva World?
Deva World is most suited to people with significant dementia, supported by a caregiver such as a family member or care professional. The experience of navigating Deva World together is designed to soothe, delight, and strengthen your care partnership, offering relief from the strain of living with dementia.
How does Deva World support people with significant dementia?
As a person’s dementia progresses, independence is lost, confidence is eroded, and the world shrinks. Typically, it becomes increasingly difficult for a person to express themselves or the impact of these losses. Fear and frustration can lead to their feeling unsettled, misunderstood, agitated or bored. Deva World helps people with dementia undertake activities of daily living (ADL) in a fun, interactive and expressive virtual environment that contains minimally disorienting stimuli, without risk or a sense of failure. When a person is engaged with Deva World, dementia leaves the room.
I am a caregiver keen to sign up, how do I start playing in Deva World with my loved one?
Register your loved one as a player on the Deva Dashboard, our web-based admin portal. Then, download Deva World from the the App store if your tablet is an iPad, or from the Google Play Store if your tablet is on Android. Once you’ve set up your player’s profile, billing information, and custom content on Deva Dashboard, load the Deva World on your tablet and play.
How do I add and customize players?
Head to Deva Dashboard to set-up each player. You can add as many players as you want; each will have a separate profile and media library. When you set up a player for the first time, customize their profile photo and fill in some details. You can also upload custom family photos that your player can use to decorate their Deva World so it feels more like home.
Do I need to set up a player profile for myself as the caregiver?
No. As the caregiver, you will set up players for the people you care for and are responsible for payment and customization of your Deva dashboard.
What does Deva World cost?

For detailed pricing information, please reach out to us directly by filling out this form, or email us at

How do I share Deva with others in my loved one’s care circle so that they can stay aware of our loved one’s progress?
Share your player’s Deva World subscription with anyone in your care circle via email invite (just press the “share” button on your player’s profile) – it’s free. When entering the Deva Dashboard, each caregiver sees his player under “My Players”; and the players shared by other caregivers under “Players shared with me”. When it’s time for a different caregiver to take responsibility for billing, easily hand-over the administrator privilege with a single click.
How do I get the most of our Deva World session?
Bring the same warm approach to the session as you would to any usual enjoyable activity. Explain that ‘tapping’ makes things happen—it may not be intuitive. Think of DEVA as “play” rather than a game: there is no set goal, no set time, no finishing point. As a wise person once said: it’s not about getting there—it’s the journey that counts.
What do I do once my loved one wants to finish a session?
To end your Deva World play session, press twice the “end session” button. A screen will show up where you can see the duration played and log feedback, which you can later access and share on Deva Dashboard. Afterward, make a note of any changes in your player’s mood and your own mood. As a caregiver, your well-being is critical; this is your journey, too.

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