Market landscape map of tech-enabled senior care products captures the energy and creativity driving this emerging sector.


Since we’ve been in the US, the number of tech-enabled products designed to better serve older populations has skyrocketed. It’s great when some much-needed shape to this fast-moving sector emerges. Gerontologist, Keren Etckin, who writes the blog, recently published a comprehensive update – and it’s exciting to see the breadth of innovation across the eldercare ecosystem. As you can see, Mentia is in Keren’s ‘cognitive’ category. Keren also draws a link between Deva World and voice-enabled devices.

By the way…
This is a great time to introduce you to our wonderful Deva-in-the-Field, Kathy Helgerson. Kathy is bringing Deva to residential communities in the La Crosse region of Wisconsin. Drop us a line if you would like Kathy to visit your community.