Friends & families: you can help!

Use your knowledge to enhance your loved one’s care.

In COVID times, residents are feeling isolated, saddened and anxious about not seeing family, and being removed from the routine. You know your loved ones, their likes and dislikes and key life experiences that make them who they are.
Here is what you can do:

Upload meaningful content

Log in to your Deva dashboard to build a life story to assist care staff. Personalize your loved one’s sessions by uploading images, photos and videos and that your loved one will enjoy. We’ll send the dashboard content straight to the DevaWorld app! It’ll be waiting inside the world for their next session.

  • fill in five themes boxes to capture your loved one’s life story
  • upload images to trigger memories and bring pleasure
  • add favorite videos from YouTube for joy and reminiscence
  • upload notes and video messages from your smartphone or tablet, to reduce isolation and encourage wellbeing. 

To access your dashboard, click on the dashboard button on the top right of this website, and choose according to your geographic zone.

By customizing your loved one’s profile, you will be assisting care teams to deliver person-centered care each time they run a DevaWorld session –  helping your loved one live well with dementia.

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Follow the progress

On your Deva Dashboard, you can see the outcomes of all sessions, including duration, date and time, staff comments.
Follow the progress and see trends over time.

Enjoy sessions together

Ask your care provider to send you an invitation to play. They’ll send you an invitation Using your or their tablet, (Android or iPad) you can play any where, any time providing you are sitting next to each other. Guiding your loved one at their own pace, you’ll find lots of  interactive content to explore together.  You will be amazed by the communication bridges you’ll build!

READ our ‘Hints and Tips’ guide first. Then install the DevaWorld app onto your tablet (iPad or Android) device. It’s a free download!

Session togethers

How to do all this?

Joining your loved one’s care circle is easy.
Your care organization (assisted living, home care, etc.) will send you an email invitation with a link to create your login and password.
You’ll then be able to connect to your Deva Dashboard.

To access my dashboard

Click on the dashboard button on the top right of this website and choose according to your geographic zone.