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A breakthrough: world’s first customizable virtual world for people with cognitive frailty.

Use on any Apple or Android tablet.

Play together to build communication bridges and deepen understanding.

  • Evidence-based engagement stimuli at your fingertips
  • Tapping on objects brings them to life
  • Co-designed with memory care residents, research-led
  • Populate Deva World with photos, music, and meaningful objects that relate to your player. Easy to upload.
  • Simulated presence therapy, using our video messaging tool 
  • Multi-cultural and multi-lingual versions available. Ask us how 
  • In-built life-story capsule describes the person – not their dementia – bringing formal and informal care companions and health professionals immediate insights
  • Players share, express, have fun; they are well, in-the-moment. Via the Carer’s log, you will see that participants are happy and settled following a session
  • Free-to-share with your care circle
  • We’re in the cloud. DevaWorld goes where you go
  • Enterprise level dashboard for administrators

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DevaWorld is designed for people with mild to severe cognitive challenges. As you become familiar with  DevaWorld, you’ll find areas that your participant prefers. For example, our curated channels will suit people who want to watch themed compilations such as dance, music, nostalgia,  Christmas. We are adding new content all the time.  Care companions can watch, too, and generate conversations from these. 

Others may be drawn to DevaWorld’s 
interactive elements, where they can explore and enjoy a sense of agency. Interactive objects have been designed to trigger memories, and build empathy and understanding. Expressing preferences and making choices helps to restore the loss of independence, eroded confidence, and a shrinking world. The experience of navigating DevaWorld together has been shown to soothe, delight, and strengthen the care partnership. 

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Engagement is widely recognized as a way for a person impacted by dementia to feel well, even if only in the moment. It has been said, “when a person is engaged, dementia leaves the room”. As domain specialists in digital engagement, we’ve devised a unique set of design principles that enable ‘supporters’ (you) and ‘players’ to work through (virtual) activities of daily living (ADL) in a fun way. When you run a Deva session, you’ll notice your player responding to stimuli without risk or a sense of failure. As you explore Deva World together, you’ll share stories related to common lived experiences, and respond to music and photos you’ve added via the dashboard. These experiences are calming. Players feel settled, less isolated, and more understood. Our field studies show that a player’s sense of wellbeing extends after the session itself and that cooperation increases. Please refer to our case studies to learn more.

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”I’m a carer. How do I start playing Deva World with a loved one?” open=”on” open_toggle_background_color=”#f2f2f2″ _builder_version=”3.0.86″ _i=”3″ _address=”″]

Step 1.  First, Join. Joining at this stage, is for professional care organisations and allied health providers. You can invite family members in once your account is set up. As the account holder, we’ll work directly with you to onboard your community. 

Step 2. Go to the Deva Dashboard, your admin portal situated at the top right menu, and set up a profile for your player’ (the “player” is the person you care for). Here, you can add media to their player-profile, for example, you can upload their portrait photo, and add as many meaningful images you like into the photo album. Each time you open Deva World, you’ll find them, ready for you to use.

Step 3. Download DevaWorld from your App Store. On your tablet (remember, DevaWorld is for tablet only), head to the App store (for iPad), or the Google Play Store (other tablets). Use the ‘search’ function to find DevaWorld. It’s a free download.  DevaWorld should now be on the home screen (look for the blue and orange ‘D’ symbol)

Step 4. Tap open DevaWorld on your tablet, and sign in (use your ‘Join’ email and password).

Step 5. The next screen after sign-in displays the client/loved one’s player-profile. If you are a care professional, you may have more than one player-profile to choose from. In this case, scroll to find your client’s player-profile, and select.  Deva begins.

Yay, you are up and running!

(Make sure your tablet is always connected to wifi)

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”How do I add a player(s), and customize their Deva World?” open_toggle_background_color=”#f2f2f2″ _builder_version=”3.0.86″ _i=”4″ _address=”″ open=”off”]Head to Deva Dashboard to set-up each loved-one’s player-profile. You can add as many players as you wish; each will have a separate profile and bespoke media library. When you set up  the player-profile for the first time, we ask you to customize their profile with their portrait photo. Players enjoy seeing their photo when the DevaWorld session begins. You can also upload photos to their family album (via the Dashboard), which helps the participant to make DevaWorld their special place.
[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”Do I need to set up a player-profile for myself as the caregiver?” open_toggle_background_color=”#f2f2f2″ _builder_version=”3.0.86″ _i=”5″ _address=”″ open=”off”]No. As the admin caregiver, you job is to ‘Join’. Once joined, you will set up the participant’s player profile on the Deva dashboard. You will also administer the subscription attached to their player-profile and any of their customizations until such time as you wish to ‘handover’. (To handover, open the loved-one’s player-profile on the Dashboard, and look for the handover button in the top righthand corner.)
[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”What is the cost of a subscription – what features come with it – how do I opt out?” open_toggle_background_color=”#f2f2f2″ _builder_version=”3.0.86″ _i=”6″ _address=”″ open=”off”]

  • For organizations with multiple player-profiles, we offer group pricing. Please reach out to us directly at hello@mentia.me

Features of your subscription:

  • Customized content (eg meaningful photos) is uploaded via the Dashboard.  Your subscription includes these and any future enhancements.
  • Unlimited-Free-Shares with your care circle.
    Nominate family, friends, volunteers and care professionals to be part of your care circle, and share DevaWorld with them. To set this up, go to the relevant player-profile page on the Dashboard, and look for the blue ‘Share’ button on the top right. An email invitation will be sent to your nominated person. If they agree to be of the care circle (at no cost), they download the app, and they’re good to go. The beauty of this feature is that DevaWorld goes wherever and to whomever you wish. For example, you invite your day-activities center, a hospital or an assisted living community to run sessions for your participant.
  • Data analytics
    • Your subscription provides you with rich analytics about player sessions. You can track play history and caregiver comments. These insights can be shared via the Dashboard with your care circle.
  • Expansion of DevaWorld
    • New scenes, new environments
    • New objects and interactions within scenes
    • Increased customization (Uploading content relevant to your player to increase meaning and engagement)
    • Multilingual versions ( we already have French and Greek and English versions, more are coming.
    • Note: some activities may be provided by companies external to Mentia. Their bespoke services, should you wish to use them, may have an additional cost).


The opt-out button, which removes your subscription, is located on the loved one’s player-profile (on your dashboard). An alternative to opting-out is to hand over the subscription to another person in your care circle. You can do this from the same place. Note that ‘opting out’ of a subscription is not the same as canceling your account. To cancel your account, go to the ‘my account’ page on the Dashboard. Canceling your account removes both your details and those of the participant(s). If the participant wishes to continue,  but your organisation no longer wants to be responsible for the subscription, make sure you ‘hand over’ first to the new payer. Once your account is canceled, some information may remain on our servers. If you would like it to be permanently deleted, please write to us at hello@mentia.me, with ‘Privacy’ in the subject line. 

Please refer to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use to learn more.   

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A ‘Care Circle’ is a great way to involve others and share the load. Typically, the care circle is made up of family, friends, volunteers and care professionals. Sharing is free and unlimited, providing authorisation has been given by the admin-caregiver. 

Care circle members can play DevaWorld with the loved one, using their own tablets, and access the Dashboard to see the participant’s play history.

Setting up a care circle

Remind your circle that in order to have access they must first accept your email invitation to them. The admin-carer generates this with a simple click from the participant’s player profile on the Dashboard. (Look for the ‘share’ button top right on the player’s profile page).) Once sharing is mutually agreed, the new member heads to our website (https://mentia.me) and presses the ‘Join’ button, prompting set up details.  

What is shared? 

Each authorised Care Circle member can access the particpant’s player-profile, including player history and the ‘Players shared with me’ list. And they share the DevaWorld program, itself, which they will download on their own tablet device. 

1. Play history

Care Circle members have access to the loved-one’s play history. They can see who played with the loved-one, how long play lasted, the most visited and active places, and caregiver comments.

2. DevaWorld

The beauty of this Care Circle feature is that it allows Deva to go wherever and to whomever you wish. For example, have DevaWorld on hand at day-activities centers, hospitals, and  assisted living communities. Care circle members in such places will need to join,  download the app (for free on their tablets) and go to the dashboard to find their participant’s profile. Once done, they will be able to play with their person with all their personalised content. 

3. Care circle members can see who else is in the care circle.

4., Subscription costs.

When it’s time for a different caregiver to take responsibility for billing, easily hand-over the administrator privilege with a single click. We call this a “hand-over”. A single click from your player’s profile page is all that is required. An email is then sent to the nominated person. If they agree, they then become the person responsible for billing and care circle invitations.

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”How do I get the most of our Deva World session?” open_toggle_background_color=”#f2f2f2″ _builder_version=”3.0.86″ _i=”8″ _address=”″ open=”off”]

Establishing rapport at the outset is the most important way to start. Bring the same warm approach to the session as you would to any usual enjoyable activity. Explain that ‘tapping’ makes things happen—it may not be intuitive. Think of DEVA as “play” rather than a game: there is no set goal, no set time, no finishing point. As a wise person once said: it’s not about getting there—it’s the journey that counts. Once you have joined, you’ll find a full list of hints and tips, how-to videos and a quickstart quide on your dashboard

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”How do finish a session? And what happens next? ” open_toggle_background_color=”#f2f2f2″ _builder_version=”3.0.86″ _i=”9″ _address=”″ open=”off”]

Use your understanding of the person to sense when they have had enough. Asking is a good way! Durations of 20 – 30 minutes are usual. A session may be longer, say 45 minutes, or it may not be the day for Deva, and the session will be shorter. To end the Deva World session, press the “end session” button in the center top of the screen twice. This will send you to the “end session” screen, where you’ll see the duration played. You should select the emoticon that best describes the session, and add comments. Your comments will be very useful to others in the care circle. We suggest you make a note of any changes in your player’s mood. Why not note your own mood, too. As a caregiver, your well-being is critical; it’s your journey, too! Once done, press “Confirm”. Your feedback will be logged and sent to the Deva Dashboard.

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Need help, a question, a suggestion?  Use chat or email

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