Our latest DevaWorld release


We are thrilled to announce our latest DevaWorld release, June 2020. This version embeds many of your great ideas – thank you for your feedback!.

The additions fall into three


  1. Customization through the TV channels in the bedroom TV
  2. Content, with a focus on ADLs
  3. Julie, our inworld guide

Let’s look at them in more detail…

Customizing the TV channels

  • We now offer nine themed video channels (music, dance, exercise and so on) on DevaWorld’s bedroom TV. Use these clips to stir memories and promote reminiscence.
  • To make your selection easy, especially as we add more, you can now choose your favorites at the dashboard, reducing the need to scroll through channels while you are actually watching them on the TV.
  • Of course, there is always the movie, the concert, the event that your person loves, and chances are it’s not in the pre-set options. My Channel changes all that. It’s easy! Simply copy and paste the video’s URL from YouTube into your person’s dashboard profile. Watch the video below to see how.
  • Update during a session. If you are connected to the dashboard, on a smart phone or on the tablet, you can update the My channel, or change the selected ones. Then, in Deva World, tap outside of the TV, open the TV again, and any changes you made will be there.

You can manage those channels and videos from your dashboard.

More content related to hygiene
Wellness and hygiene are very important for your person. It may prove a very difficult task to have them performing simple routine like washing hands, drinking water, etc. Specially in those difficult times, it is becoming even more crucial that person really do this.

We have added two specific TV channels inside Deva World. One is a set of videos, more oriented towards the caregiver, but who can be shared, about how to perform activities of daily living. The second one is a series of fun videos about the 20 seconds hand washing, all in music.

We have also introduced xater and pitcher in all scenes inside DevaWorld. So, whenever Julie is thirsty, just tap on the water, and Julie will thank you !!!

Julie is more engaging
You were numerous to ask us about having Julie more proactive. We have done it ! So, after 15 seconds without any action, Julie will say a random prompt, such as “it is hot”, or “I am thirsty”, which is a trigger to have your person performing an action, and therefore help Julie.