Reflecting on Deva World’s genesis – thank you Emmy Monash Aged Care, Melbourne.


As we roll out Deva World across three territories, the US, Canada, and Australia, here’s a throwback to an article published by Emmy Monash, the Aged Care provider with whom I did preliminary codesign and testing during my doctoral studies. Funnily, I came across this story quite by accident while doing some other digging, and I’m absolutely thrilled to have found it for it captures the wonderment of those early days when we realized that immersive virtual worlds, when properly configured, held enormous promise for what at Mentia, four years later, we call ‘connected dementia care‘.

Emmy Monash’s Clinical Care Manager, Monica Arango, writes:

“Supervisors and staff who attended the information session were fascinated with the ability of residents to remain engaged and focused. It was an enlightening presentation that provided us with the theory behind the practice, and enabled us to understand how residents responded to the virtual environment presented to them.” Full article is here.