Mandy Salomon, Ph.D. |  CEO 

Mandy’s belief that sharing one’s personal experiences is intrinsic to well-being lies at the heart of her mission to break down the digital divide that often separates people impacted by dementia from others. Drawing on an extensive body of work across television, radio, theater, print media, and applied research, Mandy undertook a Ph.D. to tackle the problem. Her doctoral dissertation, ‘Finding ‘self’ in a virtual world: Digital engagement for people living with dementia’ (awarded 2016, Swinburne University of Technology), was supported by Alzheimer’s Australia and is the springboard for Deva World™, Mentia’s brain health platform that brings people and well-being activities together.

Mandy’s undergraduate studies were in Drama & Visual Arts, and she holds an M.A. (Media & Communication). She is is an active member of the Aging 2.0 Alliance and Creative Aging San Francisco. Mandy’s research led to the honorary role of Research and Industry Fellow at her alma mater, Swinburne. 

“Every day, I meet incredible people working to create cultural change in the dementia space, and I feel blessed that my varied career has led me to this period of transformation, and that I can support the change creatively and digitally. I invite anyone who knows the pioneering work of the late Tom Kitwood – who argued that dementia is a social condition, as much as it is neurological – to pause a moment. Think how excited he would be to know that ‘the help of healthy others’, which he saw as a foundation for well-being, is being fuelled by technology’s capacity to scale engagement, community, and understanding.”


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