Deva is the outcome of Mandy Salomon’s Ph.D. investigation into digital engagement for people with dementia, undertaken at Swinburne University, Faculty of Health Arts and Design. This Ph.D. was assisted by a bursary from Smart Services Cooperative Research Centre and Alzheimer’s Australia Victoria. 

Dr. Salomon undertook research with the participation of residents and staff at Emmy Monash Aged Care. We particularly wish to thank Elinora and Agnes, who illustrate the care partnership so beautifully in the banner photo on this website.

Multimedia content

Portions of Deva may utilize the following copyrighted material, the use of which is hereby acknowledged.


The introduction music used in Deva was composed by Dimitri Soudoplatoff.

Best efforts were made to obtain permission to use other music tracks. If you believe an infringement has occurred, please contact us.


The paintings are sourced from the open access catalogs of  Metropolitan Museum of Art Open Access and the National Gallery of Art Open Access initiatives.

Posters include

TWA, “San francisco”
Artist, David Klein
c 1950s
Available for purchase

San Francisco poster 500x500px

United Airlines, “Hawaii”
Artist: Stan Galli
Available for purchase

Air France, “Paris”
Artist: Manset
Origin France
Available for purchase

Paris poster 500x500px

Artist: Morell
Origin : Spain

Espana poster 500x500px


“The Philadelphia Story”
Free download at Open Culture

Philadelphia Story 500x500px

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