Stay close to your loved one !

Imagine your loved one watching inside DevaWorld a video you created ? It could be a family event, the first steps of a grand child, or just a personal message, a simple “I love you” that brings a lot.

If you have a Youtube Account, that is easy. Launch Youtube on your smartphone, and click on the camera icon on the app.


On the bottom, you will see “Upload a video”.

Click on the button, and it will propose either to choose an existing video on your smartphone, or to shoot a new one.

Once your video is uploaded, copy its URL using the “Share” button on Youtube. Next: go to your Dashboard and paste this URL under Add content, Videos, Customize My channel.

The video will be available for the next DevaWorld session.

Oh, by the way, soon you will be able to do it without going through Youtube… But this is another story !

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