Today we feature Anne Tumlinson, who chatted with us just prior to her keynote at the 7th Annual Family Caregivier conference, in Boise, Idaho.

Anne is on a mission to recreate aging support systems so that they, to put it simply, “work “better”.

Anne talks about Daughterhood,a grass-roots movement she began to “support and build confidence in women who are managing their parents’ care” (5:45)

She describes her innovation strategy, “creative redesign” (7:07) and reveals what appears to be a lifelong destiny to make change in this field (9:27).

Perhaps the most radical idea of Anne’s is to empower caregivers to manage their complex role as might a CEO; recruiting, managing and delegating to better support one’s aging parents, meet their complex needs, and save oneself in the process. (15:20)



Catch more of Anne at the Aging in America 2018 Conference starting March 25th.

Anne’s web page is here.

Follow Anne on twitter.

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